Best way to store and populate checkboxlist items to database

//Save the Selected Checkbox list items values by seperated by comma like 1,2,3,5,6…e.t.c in single row , and popluate the checkbox list by uding saved values

//Getting Selected values By comma use bellow sample code


publicstring GetSelectedItems(CheckBoxList control)    


StringBuilder items =

new StringBuilder();        

foreach (ListItem item in control.Items)        


if (item.Selected)                


string.Format(“{0},”, item.Value));        


//Remove last comma before returning back.        

return items.ToString().TrimEnd(‘,’);    


//Populate Values to checkbox list from database value

privatevoid PopulateHotelSelectedItems(CheckBoxList control, string values)    


string[] k = values.Split(‘,’);        

for (int i = 0; i <=k.Length-1; i++)        


ListItem currentCheckBox = control.Items.FindByValue(k[i].ToString());            

if (currentCheckBox != null)            


currentCheckBox.Selected =





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